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Independent Financial Experts

We are vastly experienced independent experts. We have acted as expert witnesses on thousands of occasions and pride ourselves as accurate, honest & reliable. We are instructed jointly by claimants, respondents & defendants and have panel status on over 40 UK expert witness panels.

Chartered Financial Planner Uk
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Independent Financial Experts

Our aim is to provide honest, balanced financial expertise.

Having trained as a Counsellor and a SOLLA accredited Chartered Financial Planner with 30 years financial expertise, I am uniquely positioned to specialise and advise the most vulnerable people in the UK, their families and legal advisers.

Personal Financial Planning

What We do

With over 30 years financial experience, thousands of expert reports, and having developed Expert Witness reports for other firms, the time has come to launch Paladin Financial Experts.

Pension Loss helps the Claimant receive the damages that they are entitled to.

Loss of Dependency calculations help dependents receive their entitlement to post-death earnings and pensions.

Loss of Earnings helps to accurately identify an appropriate income loss across the Claimant’s lifetime.

Lost Years ensures any financial loss from a person’s reduced life expectancy is accounted for.


A PPO or Form of award report helps the Claimant and Court decide how to structure any agreed settlement. This could be a lump sum only or as a smaller lump sum with annual tax free payments for life.

A Personal Injury Trust helps protect means-tested benefits and offers additional protection to damages award recipient that can make them invaluable in ensuring that funds last throughout life.

POD reports help to unravel the significant complexities involved when separating assests fairly. More often now we are appointed as a Single Joint Expert.

We can help you with a welfare benefit review to establish if the Claimant may be entitled to additional benefits that they don’t currently receive and provide support throughout.


What My Clients Say?

What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?
When investing on behalf of clients for whom I act as Attorney or Deputy
How has Ian MacKendrick helped you?
He provided prompt, client orientated advice, tailored to individual client's circumstances
Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a financial adviser?
The lady I am employed by took on new work and it required us to instruct a financial adviser
How has Ian MacKendrick helped you?
He came to our office and took all the information needed and prepared a fantastic breakdown of everything beautifully presented and easy to understand. Him and his team are always contactable and happy to help with any queries.
Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Yes, absolutely!
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